About this site

This is a portfolio and examples are for personal representation only. While I enjoy digging into full stack projects, there's nothing better than being a part of a team of accountable contributors. I originally started with interaction design, then onto interface design, front-end development, visual branding / identity, user research / usability testing, analytics / event tracking, project / product management, business development, and strategy. If there’s something you'd like to discuss or have feedback on, feel free to send an email steve at heady dot me.

A little more about me - I’m an active runner and cyclist and have spent several years optimizing my bike route around San Francisco. I'm originally from Chicagoland and partially credit cold weather for a strong work ethic. I appreciate improv and staying present in the moment, learning and understanding while being open to new possibilities. For the limitless number technical challenges yet to be (re)solved, I find determination and a positive attitude to be the best indicator of success.

  • 2017Researched and designed a new grant seeking product and a platform for discovering insights
  • 2016Joined Fluxx to lead design efforts around grantmaking
  • 2015Design for web and iOS communities platform at Dynamic Signal
  • 2014Redesigned and tested a new manager application for employee advocacy communities
  • 2013Designed data visualizations for twitter rankings metrics across users, tweets, and publishers for client discovery
  • 2012Bridged inbound communications experience at Dynamic Signal to focus on integrating social analytics within the enterprise
  • 2011Expanded team to create product around inbound email and social network aggregation
  • 2010Sponsored Purdue team prototyping new email visualization, awarded best capstone project.
  • 2009Designed award-winning classroom applications Mixable and Hotseat for the Purdue Studio
  • 2008Created a content management system and redesign for Discovery Park, a research facility with over 40 project centers
  • 2007Designed and managed development for FirstString, a social network for high school athletes.
  • 2007Led front-end development for first standards based redesign at CDW, at the time a worldwide top 10 ecommerce platform.
  • 2006Awarded Computer Graphics Technology best product, class of 2006, building an enterprise communication platform.
  • 2004Founded RP-PvP, a popular niche gaming community. Updated and managed until 2006.
  • 2003Grant awarded for development of an interactive 3D modeling tutorial used to teach students orthographic perspective.
  • 2003Redesigned the Krannert School of Management, an internationally renowned MBA program at Purdue University.
  • 2001Designed, developed, and hosted the Great American Bagel, a franchise with 50+ locations.
  • 1999Founded Wrestlecell, a news and entertainment sports community. Maintained several iterations until 2003 while running a hosting company for similar sites.