A/B Concepts
Dynamic Signal Digests2014Developed multiple templates to measure digest emails in an A/B testing environment. Responsible for design, HTML, and implementation into the testing framework.
Template Development
Responsive Broadcast Email2013An email template created for individual posts. Developed to render best across desktop and mobile media queries within the hard constraints of email best practices.
Email Research
Email Research Project2011I sponsored a group of seniors at Purdue to research new approaches to email and communication triage. We looked at visual cues, weighting metrics, and larger views of the inbox. They ran usability studies and helped build prototypes testing the concept. The group won best project for the class of 2011.
Inbahx2012Inbahx was born out of the email research project. Two of the team members joined me in helping develop an email and social network aggregator, putting an emphasis on inbound communication. We incorporated some of the weighting metrics into a stream and split up message types such as promotions, social networks, and notifications.