About this site

The examples within are for personal purposes only. I've contributed to all parts of the development lifecycle but nothing beats a team. Early on I became interested in interaction design, then interface and layout, front-end development, visual branding & identity, user research & usability, contextual analytics, product management, business development, and strategy.

I'm originally from Chicagoland and partially credit cold weather for a strong work ethic. I appreciate improv and presence in the moment, learning and understanding while being open to new possibilities. For the limitless number technical challenges yet to be [re]solved, I find determination and a positive attitude to be the best indicator of success. If there’s something you'd like to discuss or have feedback on, feel free to send an email steve at heady dot me.

  • 2020Growing design team building trading platform
  • 2019Lead design for trading platform
  • 2018Joined as first product designer on trading platform
  • 2017Researched and designed a new grant seeking product and a platform for discovering insights
  • 2016Joined Fluxx to lead design efforts around grantmaking
  • 2015Design for web and iOS communities platform at Dynamic Signal
  • 2014Redesigned and tested a new manager application for employee advocacy communities
  • 2013Designed data visualizations for twitter rankings metrics across users, tweets, and publishers for client discovery
  • 2012Bridged inbound communications experience at Dynamic Signal to focus on integrating social analytics within the enterprise
  • 2011Expanded team to create product around inbound email and social network aggregation
  • 2010Sponsored Purdue team prototyping new email visualization, awarded best capstone project.
  • 2009Designed award-winning classroom applications Mixable and Hotseat for the Purdue Studio
  • 2008Created a content management system and redesign for Discovery Park, a research facility with over 40 project centers
  • 2007Designed and managed development for FirstString, a social network for high school athletes.
  • 2007Led front-end development for first standards based redesign at CDW, at the time a worldwide top 10 ecommerce platform.
  • 2006Awarded Computer Graphics Technology best product, class of 2006, building an enterprise communication platform.
  • 2004Founded RP-PvP, a popular niche gaming community. Updated and managed until 2006.
  • 2003Grant awarded for development of an interactive 3D modeling tutorial used to teach students orthographic perspective.
  • 2003Redesigned the Krannert School of Management, an internationally renowned MBA program at Purdue University.
  • 2001Designed, developed, and hosted the Great American Bagel, a franchise with 50+ locations.
  • 1999Founded Wrestlecell, a news and entertainment sports community. Maintained several iterations until 2003 while running a hosting company for similar sites.