Employee Advocacy

Design outcomes as principal designer growing a startup in San Bruno during series A to C.

Employee Advocacy is the maxim of Dynamic Signal - Workplace communication takes many forms and is mostly about efficiency, but it goes beyond email, meetings, and instant messaging. They seek to become the bulletin board of the workplace, separating the signal from noise, and meeting employees half way when they discuss or promote their employers at work or at home.

This project looks at the profile page, sharing flow, and landing pages for employee and brand advocacy sites. These wireframes below outline a user profile in a recent activity and dashboard view.

Component Design

Continuing from wireframes, a mockup is shown with the profile page in full along with component UI for both a light and dark theme. The configuration provided a theme with primary/secondary colors and fonts to be set along with various graphics and layout options.

Seamless Signup

The underlying system was interoperable with most social networking platforms. Having created the font packs we used in our signup flow, there were over 50 options which could be enabled. Below a signup flow is shown with a some of the social options available.

A signup flow for new members and an outline of inbound traffic sources in the background.
Signup Flow

White-Label Growth

When I first started at Dynamic Signal, there was but a single major client and we were beginning to talk about a platform for employee advocacy. In May of 2017, the company announced that 100 of the Fortune 500 had become clients of theirs. During my time there, we created a templating system and started automating the process of setting up new clients, but initially it was done manually. Below shows some of the site templates we put together during that time.

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